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This installation process standard is applicable to the installation of metal coil curtain doors in this project.


metal coil curtain


1. The structure of the metal coil curtain door

The metal coil curtain door is composed of curtain plate, roll body, guide rail, motor drive and other parts. The curtain plate is made of 1.5mm thick brushed stainless steel plate and made of C-shaped plate overlapping interlocking, which has the characteristics of good rigidity and excellent sealing performance.


2. Reserve a hole

The opening size of the metal coil curtain door is determined according to the construction site. To



3. Installation and debugging

The installation and debugging sequence of the metal coil curtain door is as follows:

(1) According to the design model, consult the product manual and electrical schematic diagram. Check the product surface treatment and spare parts. Measure the basic dimensions of each part of the product. Check whether the door opening is consistent with the size of the metal coil curtain door; whether the position and quantity of the embedded parts of the guide rail and bracket are correct. To

(2) Measure the elevation of the hole, and pop up the vertical lines of the two guide rails and the center line of the scroll. To

(3) Electric welding the backing plate on the embedded iron plate, fix the left and right brackets of the reel with screws, and install the reel. The reel should rotate flexibly after installation. To

(4) Install the reducer and transmission system. To

(5) Install electrical control system.

(6) No-load test run. To

(7) Install the pre-assembled curtain board on the reel.

(8) Install the guide rail. According to the position specified in the drawing, weld both sides and upper guide rails to the wall embedded parts and weld them into a whole. The guide rails should be on the same vertical plane. To

(9) Install the water curtain sprinkler system and connect it with the general control system. To

(10) Test run. Test run manually first, then open and close several times with the motor, adjust until there is no jam, blocking, abnormal noise, etc., all debugging is completed, and the protective cover is installed.

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