Types of expanded metal facade

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Expanded metal facade is widely used not only because of its flame retardancy, shading, air permeability and decorative properties, but also because it is easy to install, easy to clean and durable. According to the form, it can be divided into metal woven net, metal vertical curtain and metal stretching net.

1. Metal woven net (curtain wall net, metal decoration net)

The metal woven net is made of metal bar or metal rope. According to the weaving form of the fabric, various patterns are formed through the horizontal metal bar passing through the vertical metal rope. The materials used include stainless steel, high-strength corrosion-resistant chromium steel and other metals.

This kind of metal woven net has a wide range of applications and good decorative effect. It has become a new favorite of the mainstream architectural decorative art.

2. Expanded metal facade

It is made of metal wire in the form of spiral knitting. The surface of the screen can be the original color of metal, or processed into bronze, gold and other metal colors.

It can be used for curtains in high-end buildings, screen decoration in luxury living rooms, and interior and exterior decoration in star hotels and high-end office buildings. It will look more magnificent under the light.

3. Stretch expanded metal facade

The expanded metal facade is formed by cutting and stretching the metal plate. The surface of the stretched mesh can be treated by powder spraying, fluorocarbon baking paint, etc., so as to achieve the anti-corrosion effect.

It can be used for ceiling decoration or screen partition in luxury hotels, star hotels, large shopping malls, high-end office buildings, etc. it is very popular with designers.

For example, Shenyao Art Center has changed from an old factory building into a creative art park, mainly for the purpose of displaying ceramic art. The existing dormitory structure has been used to reconstruct the main body of the south side of the second stage building, and a building has been added to the original building on the north side. The entrance of the main hall is semi closed by a group of arc-shaped expanded metal facade, just like a rolling curtain, Naturally cut a larger depth of the main space.

The left wall of the building is initially separated by the hollow expanded metal facade, and the warehouse area of the back building faces the main building. The design hopes to separate the external environment through the expanded metal facade to maintain a transparent space view.



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