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Chainmail Armor

Ebikwata ku bikola

Chainmail armor is made by round or flat rings linked together. And each ring of shirt is tightly connected with other four rings and would not fall off. The chainmail shirt, we produced, has lots of new designs: sleeveless, half sleeve, full sleeve, short shirt and long shirt. According to your preference and practical use, you can choose the most favorable one. At the same time, the chainmail shirt that we manufactured, features delicate craftsmanship and smoothed surface. When you take it off, you will not have difficulties, just need to bend at the waist and let gravity help you.

Chainmail shirt without sleeves

Chainmail shirt without sleeves

 Chainmail armor protect the whole body

Chainmail armor protect the whole body


l  Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, bright aluminum, anodized aluminum, titanium, brass, copper, bronze, etc.

l  Linking methods: riveting, butting and welding.

l  Chain link pattern: European 4 in 1 interlocking.

l  Surface treatment: zinc coating, black coating, copper plating.

l  Sleeve pattern: sleeveless, short sleeves, half sleeves, full sleeves.

l  Additional information: wire diameter and ring diameter can be customized.

SS ring mesh as chainmail armor material

SS ring mesh as chainmail armor material

Copper color ring mesh as chainmail armor material

Copper color ring mesh as chainmail armor material

l  Excellent craftsmanship shirt. Every wire is selective before wrapping and each ring is tightly connected with other four rings to avoid falling off.Features

l  Lightweight and comfortable to wear. The chainmail shirt made of aluminum is light in weight and shiny in surface. At the same time, due to the three-dimensional making, the mail shirt can perfectly fit your chest.

l  Large protection range. Chainmail shirt with sleeves and long vest can cover large range of your body.

l  Rust and corrosion resistance. The surface of mail shirt can be zinc plated or blackened which can supply a layer of protection.

l  Functional and ornamental. Chainmail shirt can be used not only in protection but also in performance.



Chainmail shirt with numerous new designs and more optional choices can satisfy most costumers practical functions.

l  Protection function. Chainmail shirt can prevent the chest, arms and upper legs from hurt of swords, spears, knives, impact weapons, and projectiles, while still can provide full and equal coverage for your body.

l  Performance function. Chainmail shirt is also great for live action role playing, renaissance reenactment, viking costume display, costume performance, knight costume, Halloween costume, cosplay, fancy dress, theatrical props, etc.

l  Other function. Chainmail shirt also can be used as gifts for others, DIY hobbyist mail, full combat sports, superman or alienated man creation, or any other creative ideas.

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